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At the request of our clients in the international market, the engraving machine made by AMAN is novel in appearance, firm in structure, powerful in function, easy ...
AM-5D-65-3 blow molding machine
1. Product standard: 5L plastic bottle
2. Material: HDPE6098 HDPE50100
3. Output: 300pic/h;

Equipment model: AM5D-65-3
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Mainly used for rapid processing of various types of plank (board, all kinds of man-made board, non-ferrous metal plate, etc). But cutting, notching, trimming, such as punching, ...
FOB Price: US $777 / Piece
Mold Temperature Controller:
1. Controlled by PID micro computer, accurate humidity control.
2. Pump(oil) overload protection to effectively ensure service life.
3. Alarm ...
Min. Order: 1 set
AMAN CRM and CR series cream spray pumps:
CRM-01 - CRM-11:
With metal and metal sheathed closures
Ferrules with metal sheathed
CR series:
Closure: 15/410, 15/415, 18/410, ...
AMAN Machinery Co., Ltd. Positively absorbs advanced technique domestic and abroad. With the spirit of innovation, according to the domestic business condition, it developed out AM ...
FOB Price: US $1 / Piece
AMAN FMA series fine mist spray pumps
FMA-02 with metal sheathed closures and plastic actuators
FMA-03 with metal sheathed closures and actuators
FMA-04 with metal sheathed ...
GSD-1200S is high speed, three-side-seal, automatic bag making machine. 1200mm body is designed for special large big three-side-seal bag specially.
This 3-servo machine is a three-side-seal machine fitted with standing pouch and zipper seal units.With three-servo drive system,definitive tension for each section of film is kept ...
The productivity is 30-80 PCS per minute
1. This production line is electrification integration, and centralized control. It is totally controlled automatically. Worker just ...
GSD-60S is three-side-seal bag making machine. Good mechanism structure and manufacturing quality ensure that the machine is capable of making bag with high speed up to 180 shots ...
This series PET spray bottles are appropriate for gel, shampoo, skin care product, hands wash, perfumed toilet water etc
Capacity and specification can be requested to order ...
The productivity is 70-110 PCS per minute
1. It depends on the production′s complexity and size.
2. The fastest speed is 110 products per minute.
This prodution line ...
Technical Parameter

Unwinding Film: Max diameter 800mm

Max Width 800mm

Capacity: ≤ 100PCS

Bag Length: ≤ 2000mm

Bag Width: ≤ 800mm

Power: 220V/380V ...
Perfume sprayers - complex serires
With beautiful appearance, well designed and portable
Delivery/stroke: Appr. 0.035ml, 0.08ml, 0.12ml
Capacity: 3ml, 5ml, 8ml, 10ml, 15ml
Clear and frosted glass tubes can be optioned as per your requirements.
Model No. PA-01 glass tube 10ml with fine mist spray pump(metal sheathed closure/actuator) in screw ...
GSD-60BZ is a high-speed, center seal bag making machine. Based on the GSD-40BZ, it can satisfy the requirements of center-seal and four-seal with big width.
Trigger sprayers
Model No. SP-1 dosage: 0.15ml closure: 20/415, 24/410
Model No. SP-2 dosage: 2.5ml closure: 38/400
Model No. SP-3 dosage: 1.0ml closure: 24/410 and 28/400 ...
Trademark: Aman
Origin: China Jiangsu
Material: All aluminum
Spraying Shape: Liquid Column
Type: Push Sprayer

Metal dispenser

1. Model No.: AM-CR-S-02
2. Standard: ...
Min. Order: 20,000 Pieces
This aluminium foil container prodution line is composed of the followings(note1),
1. An auto-lubricated feeder(note2)
2. An Electronic controlled panel
3. A pinch head ...
Model JR14-12-4 JR16-16-5 JR18-18-6
Washing Heads 14 16 18
Filling heads 12 16 18
Capping heads 4 ...
Roll-on ball and brush series
Roll beads: Rub container in of the liquid take out, wiping even; No leak

The brushes: In keeping with product: The nail Polish brush, the ...
FOB Price: US $0.5 / Piece
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
Aman Machinery Co., Ltd. Was reformed from the former Wuxi Machine Tools Group Machinery Factory. It was established in 1954, and started to supply &injection molding machine&blow ...
One step fully automatic injection blow molding machine. It can be applied with PP. PE. PS, PC, ABS and etc...Material.

1. Adopting only one girder for the injection and blowing ...
FOB Price: US $53,000-55,000 / Piece
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Dropper series
In keeping with product: Each time drop the whole liquids with following 5 mls
Amount of dropand specification can request to order to make according to the ...
This series oral sprayers are appropriate for perfume, perfumed toilet water, mouth cavity liquid etc
Spray capacity: 0.12ml
The color, specification, shape can install ...
Min. Order: 20,000 Pieces
We provide kinds of aluminum pots which are appropriate for perfume, medicine slice, capsule, gel etc
Capacity and specification can request according to the customer
Color: ...
The crimp-on pumps can be classified 6 categories accrding to the structure and dosage: 0.03ml 0.045ml 0.06ml 0.09ml 0.12ml 0.16ml
various kinds of actuator,mainly in two ...